Weekly Roundup

So I think I’m going to try to do a little weekly roundup every Sunday or so of cool thinks I saw/ate/did from the whole week! Hopefully this is a way to cut down on wordy preachy posts and just give you a better idea of my life through pictures, we shall see. Here we go!

chia bowlchia bowl2Found this chia pudding parfait at the Ganesvoort Market in the Meatpacking District…I died. Chia pudding, spiced mylk (like chai almond milk but waaaaay better), blueberries, sliced bananas and almond butter, lkansdflkn so good. handmade cards


Flower stands and handmade cards in SoHo

Chopped kale, cucumbers, olives, onions and cherry tomatoes with a chicken skewer and one poached egg at Jack’s Wife Freda…seriously everyone needs to try this place, its killer.comfyComfy coze in a coffee shop, gettin’ shit done.

green juicy

Green juicy post run.


Homemade egg breakfast: two fried eggs cooked in coconut oil over a bed of spinach, a quarter of an avo, himalayan pink sea salt, a sprinkling of chia seeds and some cuke slices!

soho wall

AAAAND finally look at this sick wall art on the side of the SoHo Rag & Bone, like I already love that store, but how I could I resist when I saw that? Seriously one of many reasons why Nolita rocks. But that’s all for the week, pretty chill overall with some obviously yummy eats, so I was happy. Hope you guys all had a good one too!


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