My Favorite Healthy Drinks

Since I just did a post about how to drink healthfully (somewhat), I figured I’d do a little list of my favorite healthy non-alcoholic drinks that I have all the time! I should start this post by saying that I drink mostly water, I aim for 3 to 4 liters a day, either with lemon, or crushed ice. Water is probably the best beverage you can have because of how essential it is for your digestive system, your alertness, happiness and overall health. Honestly I’m that person that’s like “Oh my head hurts…I’ll have water. Oh, I’m kinda tired…water should fix that. I have a stomach ache…water” you get the picture. But if I’m not having water you best believe I’m drinking these guys.

Green Juice

Green juice rocks because it’s the most efficient way to consume vegetables. Also green juices promote the raw diet, which is an extremely alkaline way to eat, and helps balance our internal acidity to reduce inflammation. However when looking at green juices, it’s definitely best to make your own, and use vegetables like kale, spinach, parsley, celery, cucumber, and collard greens, and add some lemon and ginger. If you’re buying from the store, make sure to buy cold-pressed organic juice; READ THE LABEL because V8 is not what we’re looking for here.

Lemon Juice Cocktail

I love making my lemon juice/ACV/cayenne combo drink to have in the morning, but this one from Suja is seriously amazing, and I drink it whenever I get a chance. suja


I know the verdict is still out on whether or not coffee is good or bad for you, but at this point in my life, I don’t think I can live without coffee to be honest. But being dairy free, I usually just drink it black, unless I can get my hands on some unsweetened organic almond milk, or coconut milk.



I love tea, just to break up my excessive water drinking. I love iced tea during the day, usually a green or white tea, unsweetened. At night I love more comforting cozy hot herbal teas, just to help me get in the bed time mindset.

Coconut Water

Every once in a while, I have coconut water. It’s extremely hydrating, and honestly super helpful with hangovers and general exhaustion issues. Whenever I’m feeling a little rundown or tired, I make sure to grab some coconut water, but once again check labels!! Companies can easily sneak in some strange sugar or evaporated cane juice and suddenly you’re healthy hydrating drink isn’t that great any more.


I love to have kombucha every once in a while. It’s filled with live probiotic bacteria that help your digestive system, and it tastes pretty freaking amazing. If you buy it bottled, once again, get the raw kind. In this case, there are way more bacteria present, and they have eaten all of the sugar/yeast in the sweet tea during the fermentation process. kmbuch


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