Weekly Roundup

So I’ve decided to post a little weekly roundup every Sunday or so of all the goodies I’ve been eating/doing/seeing throughout the week just so this blog doesn’t get too weighed down with wordy preachy posts, sound good? This week was fun, and I spent most of Friday and Saturday bombing around exploring and, if I’m being completely honest, shopping…couldn’t resist.

chia bowlchia bowl2

Found this amazing chia parfait at the Gansevoort Market…chia pudding, spiced almond mylk (holy shit amazing), blueberries, sliced banana, and almond butter…I died.

flowershandmade cards

Flower stands and homemade cards in SoHo.

green juicy

Post run green juicy.


Chopped kale, cukes, cherry tomatoes, onion, olives, a chicken skewer and one poached egg at Jack’s Wife Freda; seriously go to Jack’s Wife Freda, I wanted every single thing on the menu.comfy

Comfy coze in a coffee shop gettin’ shit done.


Homemade brekky of two fried eggs cooked in coconut oil on a bed of a spinach, quarter of an avo sprinkled with Himalayan pink sea salt and chia seeds, and sliced cukes.

soho wall

This amazing wall art on the side of the Nolita Rag & Bone, so freaking artsy and awesome.

Soooo there you are! My week and weekend in a nutshell! Hope you all a good one too!



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