Go CocoNUTS…get it?

Coconuts are literally the god’s balls–not really, that’s majorly gross and I apologize for going too far, but seriously coconuts are amazing and in my opinion one of the best and yummiest superfoods you can get your hands on. First of all, you can eat coconut in many different forms, obviously raw coconut meat, dried coconut flakes/chunks (preferably unsweetened because the added sugar is unnecessary and actually takes away from the fruit’s real flavor), coconut milk, coconut water, and coconut oil. All of these different options (aside from coconut water obv) contain amazing sources of MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides, which according to this article “are transported from the intestinal tract to the liver and immediately transformed into fuel” meaning that there are very little MCTs left to circulate and deposit in fat tissues in the body. Most of the fats we eat are long-chain fatty acids, meaning that they have to be broken down before we can absorb them, but with these littler guys, they can go straight to the liver for digestion and absorption.coconut meat Additionally, the vitamins found in  coconut meat work to decrease the amount of LDLs in our bodies, which are partially responsible for the increased risk of cardiovascular diseases! Also, coconut fat helps stabilize blood sugar, which keeps you from binging on 8 million Oreos the moment your blood sugar plummets. ALSO as if you needed another excuse to scarf down more coconut oil, it’s 40% lauric acid which is proven to help out your immune system!

We all know how important fats are to the human body…our body begins to digest them after exhausting its glucose stores, and they’re crucial for our nervous system to function properly. SOOOOOO BASICALLY COCONUT OIL/MEAT/MILK/LIFE rocks and you should seriously start adding it to everything, I’m dairy free, so I use coconut milk in my coffee when I want a break from the black coffee life, I use coconut oil to cook with, and I eat raw/dried coconut meat for snacks and on coconut milk yogurt bc I’m actually obsessed and there’s never too much coconut k?cocooil

FINALLY you can moisturize your face, body and hair with it and it doesn’t break you out, but instead gives you the most amazing glow and you smell amazing and life is amazing and that is all. BYEEEEEE







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