My Detox Staples

Helllooooo there friends! Today I am going to rant to you about detox staples. Detox is a strange word because it implies that in some sense you have something seriously wrong with your diet/digestion/body/life and you need to fix it by completely ditching hard food and drinking disgusting liquids to flush your system out. BUT I’m here to dispel that rumor, because I love incorporating these food staples into my day-to-day drinks and foods just to help keep my whole GI tract in order, because when that shit’s good, your whole body is good, ya feel? So let’s get started…

1. Lemon

Everyone knows about lemon and loves lemon and that’s great, but it still needs a quick mention because not only is lemon an excellent source of vitamin C (which helps boost our immune systems), but it also helps maintain our body’s correct pH levels, aids in digestion, and helps us produce stomach bile. Adding lemon to a hot cup of water in the morning is a great way to start your system off right for the day.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Ahhh yes, the elusive apple cider vinegar…honestly when I heard that people literally take shots of ACV like shots of tequila at the bar on a Friday night when you really should just be going home but your friend convinces you to stay for one more round, I was a little confused. BUT when apple cider vinegar is consumed in its unfiltered form, like Bragg’s, it is full of good bacteria that are present to consume the yeast the occurs through the apple’s fermentation. Long story short, these probiotics help you fight off the bad bacteria in your stomach, and help you better digest the other foods you eat, which can in turn even help aid in weight loss!

3. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is cool because it actually stimulates the digestive tract, increasing the amount of digestive enzymes present. With more digestive enzymes floating around in your belly, you obviously are able to work through your food more efficiently and get the most micronutrients out of whatever you are eating. I seriously love sprinkling this spicy pep on my hard boiled eggs, on soups, and even into my water (sounds gnarly but I’ll explain at the end).

4. Ginger

According to this post, ginger is very beneficial in helping assimilate nutrients into the body, in addition to firing up the metabolism. Adding ginger to stir-fry recipes, as well as juicing it up with some powerhouse greens and a lil lemon also gives your meal a feisty kick and really brings it to the next level.

Now that I’ve probably numbed your brains with my long-ass post, want to know how you can actually consume all this in one fell swoop? Make a morning concoction and sip it as you start your day! I usually use cool water, a tablespoon or two of ACV, a squeeze of lemon, and a couple sprinkles of cayenne, pop it in a cute mason jar (because why not be basic) and BOOM like a spicy lemonade you are ready to take the day. (Here’s an amazing organic, cold pressured, honestly delightful one from Suja if you’re not quite ready to make your own).



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